Event needs and requests

Miss Major’s legacy project is to create a safe haven called House of GG (more officially, the Griffin-Gracy Educational Retreat and Historical Center), and approaching 80, she’s only able to travel twice a month – as a result, for events involving travel, we request somewhat large honorariums that will go toward the creation of a permanent land trust in Arkansas where trans and gender nonconforming people in the South can be mentored and get leadership training from Major and other trans elders.

In 2018-2019, House of GG had its first three retreats to strengthen the connections between trans leaders of color in the Southern states who have been doing so much organizing in their local communities.

Miss Major is using the money she’s collecting from speaking engagements to create the House of GG Retreat Center (a.k.a. Oasis) in Little Rock. Trans activists will come to the Oasis to learn about their ‘transcestors’ in a safe, nourishing environment with living quarters, meeting space, and mentorship.

Honorarium | For established nonprofits and institutions such as universities, our current ask is $20,000, which will go toward funding Miss Major’s legacy project, House of GG (houseofgg.org). Please get in touch to discuss honorariums for grassroots and trans-led groups.

We also request a 25 percent deposit within four weeks of contract signing.

Alternatively, Miss Major has also attended events via video-chat (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangout, etc.) projection, often after a showing of MAJOR! and/or The Personal Things short film. For established nonprofits and institutions such as universities, we request an honorarium of $5,000.

Flights to/from Little Rock International Airport to event location | Please get in touch for details on Miss Major’s needs related to flights.

Accommodations | For accessibility’s sake, please reserve hotel rooms located close to the elevator, without flights of stairs.

Escort | Miss Major requires a mobility companion. Organizers are expected to cover the companion’s flight to and from the event location, and hotel room (if possible, please book adjoining rooms, or rooms on the same floor). The host institution is not expected to cover the escort’s labor.

Transportation to/from hotel; and to/from event venue | Whether car service, cab or community/student escort – we can help to make this work. 

Staging/seating arrangements | Miss Major generally uses a cane and/or a small, electric wheelchair (the size of a carry-on luggage case) for mobility and can make it up 5-6 steps. Another accessibility-related request for periods where she’ll be sitting for longer than 30 minutes: A chair with arms.

Note: For any event outside of Little Rock, please schedule travel at least one day pre- and post-event.

Contact Miss Major’s team at missmajorspeaks@gmail.com with any questions.