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Che Gossett, Kai Lumumba Barrow, Miss Major & Reina Gossett at Arika Episode 8, October 2016

Visual AIDS Project: Miss Major on Aging Fiercely While Trans

TransFaith Summit (Los Angeles, 2010)

Trans Oral History Project: Miss Major on Stonewall

Trans Oral History Project: Miss Major on Role Models


Colorlines 20×20 2018
November 2018

Stonewall Veteran Miss Major Fights for Transgender Rights in Arkansas
Little Rock Angle, October 2018

Why Pride Month Looks Different for Black Trans Women
Huffington Post, June 2018

New alternative Pride festival has grass-roots vibe
Columbus Dispatch, June 2018

Unsere Frau der Woche (“Our Woman of the Week”): Miss Major
Frauenseiten.Bremen (German blog), January 2018

NYC Trans Oral History Project
NYC Public Library Community Oral History Project, December 2017

74 Years of Strength: Miss Major Interview
The Skinny, October 2016

MAJOR! celebrates trans ‘mama’ Miss Major Griffin-Gracy
CBC, June 2016